The Wolf Whistle in The Birds (film still from The Birds)

The Birds (1963)

Near the beginning of The Birds, when Tippi Hedren is walking down the street (having just passed the San Francisco poster), she turns to acknowledge a wolf-whistle from a passing boy. This is an in-joke.

Hitchcock had first seen Hedren in a commercial for Sego diet drink made by Pet Milk. There was a shot in that commercial where she turns and smiles in response to a wolf whistle, and Hitchcock decided to reference it here.

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  2. A. Brock

    Sorry, but Pet Milk is still very much in business although, I think, they no longer make a diet drink. I’ll be happy to send you a pic of a bottle of Pet Milk that is in my refrigerator at this very moment.

  3. Things in Movies

    Thanks, A Brock. Apparently the company’s gone, but a product of that name is still around (now made by somebody else). I’ve cut the reference from the post to avoid confusion!

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