The Psycho House in Psycho (film still from Psycho)

Psycho (1960)

Who doesn’t wish that Psycho had been filmed in a real motel? That one night, you might pull off a road somewhere remote, following the signs pointing towards a motel, only to see that house looming out of the gloom at you? A lone light might lead you to the reception, where you pay four times the going rate for a room, order up a Janet Leigh burger, and shell out an extra $20 for a souvenir mug decorated with the silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock…

Sadly though, the Psycho house, along with the rest of the motel, was a set, built in the Universal backlot, using pieces taken from existing sets. It’s still there, and considerably refurbished from the two-wall shell used in the movie. It’s been moved around the backlot a couple of times, and the motel now sits between sets for How the Grinch Stole Christmas and War of the Worlds. You can see it on Google Maps or Wikimapia, or you can visit it as part of the Universal Studios tour (complete with a very cheesy encounter with Norman Bates).

3 Responses to “The Psycho House in Psycho”

  1. Shela Jeffery

    I Love the style of that House what is it an old Victorian? and it looks nice and Spooky and Haunted

  2. Paul

    There now is a new house and motel being built in a small town outside of Vancouver,B.C. Canada. The buildings look like they are at least 50-60 years old. They were built in the last month. It’s for a TV series about the mom and son leading up to the time of the movie.

  3. Dick

    That house is precious cinematic history. I seem to recall that it burned down a few years ago. I’m delighted to hear that it still exists. I’m on the East Coast living on a meager retirement income, but, one of these days I just might take the trip out there just to see my wonderful icon. Can anyone give me an update on its condition?

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