Martin Campbell in Casino Royale (film still from Casino Royale)

Casino Royale (2006)

If you were going to give yourself a cameo in a Bond movie, what would it be? Drinking cocktails and gambling in one of the world’s most glamorous casinos, perhaps?

Lounging by the pool with (or as) a scantily clad Bond girl?

At the very least, you could hang around headquarters in a lab coat, playing with prototype gadgets.

Not so for Martin Campbell, director of Casino Royale: he chose to have his neck broken by a terrorist on the tarmac at Miami airport.

Martin Campbell on the tarmac in Casino Royale.

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  2. artfrankmiami

    I noticed Richard Branson, thinking this was a lesser cameo than the one in Superman Returns, but I had heard this was the DP, not the director Martin Campbell. But I haven’t seen his picture before anyway. But the close up shot of the “dead” director makes me wonder, this morning 5 March 12, I was watching True Lies on Encore and at the scene with the wife dropping the Mac 10 and slaughtering all of the remaining opponents, Arnie breaks the neck of one bulgey eyed terrorist and they cut to a close up of the dead guy on the ground with his eyes wide open, and then in the master shot, while Arnie is fighting off some more do-badders, this dead guy looks like he has his own key light! Maybe it was Joel Silver?

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