Credits in Movies

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple (1967)

Here’s an onscreen mistake that makes the misplaced apostrophe in The Last Man on Earth look like a huge, movie-wrecking blunder.

During the opening titles in The Odd Couple, somewhere between Felix Ungar’s failed suicide attempt and his trip to the strip bar, the titles show the copyright year as MCMXLVII – that’s 1947 – as opposed to the correct MCMLXVII (1967).

The transposed L and X, blown up in the image above, must be about as small a goof as is possible to find in a movie, at least until the successor to Blu-Ray starts showing up non-native species of aphid.

The Caine Mutiny

The Caine Mutiny (1954)

There was a great deal of interest right from the start in making a film of Herman Wouk’s 1951 novel The Caine Mutiny. Several studios tried to get a project off the ground, but always came up against the same stumbling block: the US Navy.

Like a lot of boaty types, the US Navy takes a dim view of mutiny, and they demanded major changes to this story of a mutiny on board a Navy vessel. Without these changes, there would be no Navy approval of the film, meaning no help, and no access to ships or other equipment for filming.

It was only after the novel won the Pulitzer Prize that the Navy began to relent, and even then, the filmmakers had to agree to place a disclaimer at the start of the movie, making it absolutely clear that There has never been a mutiny in a ship of the United States Navy.