Autumn Leaves in The Trouble With Harry (film still from The Trouble With Harry)

The Trouble With Harry (1955)

Hitchcock’s disarming comedy The Trouble With Harry is based on a novel by Jack Trevor Story, which was set in England.

Transposing the story across the Atlantic, Hitchcock wanted to set it in a rural New England community, complete with Vermont’s golden autumn leaves. However, no sooner had they filmed a few establishing shots, than said golden leaves all fell off the trees (I suppose that’s why the Americans call it “fall”).

The production company relocated to a studio in California, but not before they’d collected and boxed up Vermont’s golden leaves. They took them across America, and carefully attached them, one by one, to the model trees on the soundstage.

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  1. Lily

    You would never guess that it was shot in California – perhaps thanks to those convincing leaves? Hitchcock was always a master of disguise 😉

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